Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Way That Worlds are Made

This is the way that worlds are made
The perturbation of empty space
A sudden roughness
Collapsing gases
Exploding solar masses
Dwarf stars and red giants
The thin air of dead stars
The heavy elements of supernovas
Cosmic dust, the ices of space
The raw material of planets
Rotating fields that form spheres
The solar wind that sweeps the ice away
Near a star, rocks and heavy elements
Towards the edge, ices and gas
The separation of densities
Dense planets with stratified densities
A great iron catastrophe
A magnetic field
The plates on the face of the Earth
The drift of continents
The water from comets
The energy that rips continents apart
The magnetic record of stones
Ridges and trenches
Heat driven convection cells in plastic layers
Mountains formed by collisions
Floating worlds
The tremors of creation
Beyond the sense of mortal tongues
The Star-Child sings.

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