Sunday, January 11, 2009

Come Dance With Me

Come dance with me when flowers bloom
And scent the air like French perfume
Through open windows in each room
And ripeness bids us both, “Consume.”

Come dance with me on evenings fair
I’ll bring you Chinese silks to wear
We’ll dance so close, the crowd will stare
As pleasure stirs the summer air.

Come dance with me in harvest time
Until the clocks of midnight chime
We’ll drink our tea with Persian lime
And bathe in silver light sublime.

Come dance with me in winters cold
I’ll bring you chests of Spanish gold
From towns where kings are bought and sold
And men grow rich before they’re old.

Come dance with me and wear my ring
Through all the seasons life will bring
Do not resist, lest love take wing
Release your gown. Undo the string.

Come dance with me and share my fate
Two happy hearts in happy state
Let’s lie beneath the garden gate
And there enjoy our joint estate.

Come dance with me, forget our trouble
Although the world’s reduced to rubble,
Foundations vanish like a bubble,
And fire consumes the barren stubble.

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