Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On His Baldness

(Adapted from Chinese Translations)

In the morning, I hated to see my hair fall out.
In the evening, I hated to see my hair fall out.
I dreaded the time when it would all be gone.
But now it is, and I don't mind at all.
I am done with all that washing and drying.
I never have to pick up another comb.
I said goodbye to my stylist, forever.
Best of all, when the day is hot and humid
I don't have all that hair sticking to my head.
In a silver jar I have stored a cold stream.
On my bald head, I can sprinkle a cup full.
This is the water of natural law.
I sit and receive this cleansing joy.
Now I know why the monk who seeks enlightenment
First frees his soul by shaving his head.

Bai Juyi (A.D. 832)

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